Public Collection

These are short audio “gems” (5-10 min) from Dr. Lisle that help shed light on what to do about various life challenges.

Beating The Genes
Beating The Genes Part 2
Boy-scout Jamboree Flood the Circuits
Crazy Boyfriend, Crazy Girlfriend
Fixing Your Procrastination
How to Get Out of a Jam
I’m Bored With My Boyfriend
It’s Not My Weight
Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind
Make Up With Your Spouse
My Brilliant Child is Flunking
The Doctor Says I Need An Antidepressant
The Heart of an Argument
Thinking the World is Going to Hell
Two Reasons We Procrastinate
What’s My Purpose In Life
When Your Kids Are Not Living Up to Their Potential
Why Antidepressants Are Dangerous
Why He Is Not Into You
Will Love Grow