Esteem Dynamics

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Where do I get notices of upcoming events/membership chats?” See also: “I’m not getting notifications of upcoming events/membership chats!”


A: When you sign up for a membership at any level you are automatically added to our email list. In fact, you should get an automatic welcome email within a few minutes of signing up. We send our emails out through Mailchimp, which is more often marked as spam by some email servers than a personal email would be. Search all your email (including your spam) to make sure you aren’t receiving anything. If you never got the welcome email, there’s probably a typo in the email you used to sign up, or you inadvertently unsubscribed at some point. If that’s the case, email Jen directly at and she’ll fix it. But check your spam (and in “all mail” in gmail) first!

Q: What’s the membership Q&A schedule?


A: We try to have a live Q&A every other week, but it is not always on the same day at the same time. That’s why we send an email beforehand. 🙂

Q: When will the replay of the membership Q&A be posted?


A: As soon as possible. It’s not automatic, but it is usually up within a day or two. 

Q: I received an email when I logged in saying there was a verification error or some other weird thing. Fix it!


A: Our website receives many hacking attempts per day. We have pretty strong security to prevent that from happening, but that means we get some false positives too. Every time you log in to the website, the security algorithm makes a guess about how risky you are. It bases that on a bunch of things we can’t control. Most of the time if you ignore the error and just click “log in” again it will work, but sometimes you need to click through from the email too. Each time this happens it helps the algorithm “learn” that you’re not as risky. We also have noticed it happens less often (all things equal) with Chrome than with other browsers, but no browser is immune.


Q: I purchased a lifetime membership with the 3-payment option and received an email that my subscription will be renewed. Does that mean I will be charged a fourth time?


A: No. The system is just letting you know you are still subscribed. You shouldn’t be charged a fourth time. If you are, let Jen know at and she will refund you.


Q: The Q&A form gives me an error. How can I submit a question?


A: Like all our our security measures, the Q&A form is a fickle beast and doesn’t like some operating systems, web browsers, or various other things about how you are interacting with it. There’s nothing we can do about that. Some percentage of the time, even though it tells you it hasn’t gone through, it in fact does go through anyway. You can email the question directly to Jen at if it rejects your submission.

Q: I don’t want my question to be linked to my name. Can I submit anonymously?


A: You can email your question directly to and ask her to post it as an anonymous question. Be very clear about this if so.

Q: How do I cancel/change my membership/update my credit card? 


A: When you log in, on the left side of the bottom of the page it will say “Welcome (yourusername) in orange. Click on your username to access your membership profile to make any changes, including canceling your membership, updating a payment method, or changing your password.

Q: I can’t remember my password. How do I change it?


A: If you are logged in and need to change it, see “how do I cancel/change my membership” above. If you are not able to log in and need to reset your password, click “reset password” in orange type at the bottom of the page next to the log in section. 

Q: How can I preorder the book?


A: The only way to preorder the book is through a lifetime membership. 

Q: Will you ship copies abroad?


A: Yes. 

Q: Is there an additional charge for that?


A: No. 

Q: I need to change my mailing address to receive the book.


A: Don’t worry about it. Shortly before we send copies, we will request a current/preferred mailing address from all lifetime members. 

Q: When is the book coming out?


A: We don’t yet have a release date but anticipate sometime later in 2022. If you are already a member, you can read our first chapter under “Resources”—it’s called “The Mysterious Visitor.”

Q: I scheduled an appointment but need to change/cancel.

A: You can manage this yourself by going to the email you received when you confirmed the appointment and looking for the “change/cancel” button.

Q: Can I get on the waiting list for an earlier appointment?

A: We are not able to manage waiting lists at this time, but you can always change your appointment to an earlier time should it become available.

Q: I want to make an appointment for someone else/myself and my partner.

A: This is not always the most productive course of action. Please contact us first to make sure this is appropriate.