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The journey to better health can sometimes be boosted by getting support when you need it. We would like to make you aware of programs and people that we know do a great job. These include the McDougall Wellness Program, the True North Health Center, and of course Chef AJIn addition to these well-known programs that you can join, many people find that one-to-one support can sometimes make all the difference.

Below are two ‘health helpers’ that do a superb job of supportive coaching for those seeking to lose weight, manage troublesome eating habits, or correct health problems through water-only fasting. You can contact Dr. Nathan Gershfeld or Justina Froese through the links provided, which will take you right to their websites.

Nathan Gershfeld, D.C.

Nathan Gershfeld, D.C., is the founder of Fasting Escapea beautiful facility located in Southern California dedicated to water-only fasting and optimum nutrition in Southern California.

Dr. Gershfeld was formerly a staff doctor of TrueNorth Health Center prior to opening his own center. As a result of challenges presented by Covid-19, Dr. Gershfeld has created a phone consultation program for people seeking to water-fast at home with daily telephone or virtual consultation. This new program has been a welcome opportunity for many of our clients in the past year, who would otherwise not have been able to undertake a fast. We have heard many very positive comments about this experience. You can contact Nathan at the link below if you would like more information about this or Fasting Escape.

Justina Froese

Justina Froese is an experienced health and wellness coach trained in the Esteem Dynamics approach. Justina herself struggled for fifteen years with binge eating before finally putting the pieces together with the help of whole foods-plant based nutrition. She knows very well what this struggle looks like, and she is a super-friendly, patient, good-humored, and insightful guide to help you along this path.

Justina knows how to quickly design a plan that can get you moving, and stay moving, in the direction that you want to go. For those thinking about asking for a bit of helpful support, we heartily encourage you to explore Justina’s website, and say hello if it makes sense for you.


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Allow us to introduce you to some of our favorite health helpers. These are programs and people that we know do a great job.

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